Jun 11, 2022 – Art and Nature Florida Style

Our travels began on June 11, five weeks past our original day of departure. Our route through Florida included six campgrounds in 17 days. Campgrounds included COE Ortona South (B), Colt Creek State Park (C), Magnolia Park (D), Lake Louisa State Park (E), Silver Lake State Forest Campground (F) and Ho Hum RV Park (G). … Continue reading Jun 11, 2022 – Art and Nature Florida Style

Oct 5, 2020 – Her Florida

After several months of traveling, we are welcomed back to Florida. “We need above all, I think, a certain remoteness from urban confusion.” Marjory Kinnan Rawlings After several months of traveling, crossing the state line into Florida conjures mixed feelings. We could easily turn around and continue traveling, but we also get a warm and … Continue reading Oct 5, 2020 – Her Florida

Oct 6, 2019 – Limping Back to Florida

The Vicksburg Military National Park's cemetery. By the time we got to Mississippi, we were road weary. And Mississippi didn’t help that either, it just seemed as weary as we were. It was a sad place in many ways with remnants of tragic history made mostly during the Civil War. We came to Vicksburg to … Continue reading Oct 6, 2019 – Limping Back to Florida

Jun 16, 2019 – Springing into Action

Our tow route to Blue Springs State Park. Avoid driving I-4 through Orlando while pulling at all costs! Driving in Florida, in the summer. Our five-month trip begins here. Our 250-mile towing route from Chokoloskee Island to Blue Spring State Park began and ended without drama. Well, maybe a little drama as we drove I-4 … Continue reading Jun 16, 2019 – Springing into Action

Aug 5, 2018 – Florida’s Unconquered

“The case of the Seminoles constitutes at present the only exception to the successful efforts of the government to remove the Indians to the homes assigned them west of the Mississippi.” President Martin Van Buren I rarely think about names of places, but Lake Seminole’s name is familiar, yet seems out of place. So, I … Continue reading Aug 5, 2018 – Florida’s Unconquered