RV there yet?” Anonymous

What seems like a lifetime ago, we lived and worked full time in Miami. But that life ended in June 2018 when we sold our home, retired and moved into a 33-ft fifth wheel. My name is Connie and my wife’s name is Vivian. It’s through our personal ambitions; mine – nature photography, Vivian – fishing, and our love of traveling and learning that we let go of our work life in the city and began living the RV dream. Up to now, we’ve been living that dream for the past four years.





Most of the time, our home on wheels is parked on an RV lot in Outdoor Resorts on Chokoloskee Island, Florida. We are fortunate to own the lot, a home base surrounded by wilderness, and that which gives us easy access to the water. Chokoloskee is a 150-acre island in the middle of the Ten Thousand Islands of the Gulf of Mexico and surrounded by Everglades National Park. It is located on the far side of the ‘bridge to nowhere‘ and it is exactly where we want to be when not traveling.





Our respective passions for photography and fishing were born out of the Everglades, both a physical place and a way of life for us. Being avid Everglades canoe and kayak paddlers, our dream has always been to live on that island. The RV made that dream happen.

The RV also made another dream come true and that is to travel the United States while taking our time doing it. Since July of 2018, we have pulled the RV across the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ four times and each time have come back several months later bringing memories of our American tours.


We take our time savoring the locations, exploring the wilderness parks and forests, touring the cities, and learning American history through its museums and residents eager to share local history.  After a combined total of 21 travel months from July 2018 through Nov 2021, we have only just begun to explore what this beautiful country has to offer.






Through our blog entries, we hope you join us on our travels because we’ve had countless great experiences, some close calls, many unexpected good and bad events, and we’ve learned so much. Our view of the United States continues to grow and deepen. Here are a few of our favorites over the years.

Putting our Home in Motion, July 29, 2018. We made some big mistakes on our first day of traveling and ever since, its been one learning experience after another.

Fightin’ for our Rats, July 6, 2019. Traveling offers the best education. In this blog, we began our immersion into America’s darkest history in South Carolina.

Limping Back to Florida, Oct 6, 2019. What is RV traveling like when one of you breaks an ankle? Find out here.

The Quirky, Creepy, Beautiful and Magnificent South Dakota, Jul 1, 2020. Art can be found everywhere and South Dakota is a proof of that.

Running from Laura, Aug 26, 2020. Even the best laid plans are nothing more than plans. But this time while in Arkansas, unexpected change made the trip better than planned.

O’Keeffe’s Faraway Place, May 12, 2021. New Mexico from an artist’s perspective.

A Science Lesson Brought to you by Yellowstone National Park, June 26, 2021. A nerdy take on Yellowstone’s beautiful and fascinating landscape with lots of photographs.

Full of Grace, Aug 25, 2021. Traveling always brings me home to Michigan.